You’ve decided that you want to get family pictures taken. Great! Now what?

You are possibly overwhelmed at the different types and styles of family photographers in your area and you just aren’t sure whats the best way to narrow down what will work best for your family. You keep hearing terms like “natural light photography” or “studio photography” or “lifestyle photographer” verses “portraits” or “portraiture” or “themed set-ups”. With so many styles out there, I’d like to give you a brief intro to some of the photographer lingo, and help you decipher what will work best for your family.

Styles of Photography to Consider

Natural Light Photography

I’ll start with my personal favorite, natural light portraits. When a photographer says they are a natural light photographer, that means their studio space is the great outdoors. They excel in grabbing the best lighting of the day, and choose locations that are beautiful and help set a specific mood, depending on the request and the time of the year. They incorporate natural elements and the family is usually surrounded by beautiful scenery. The benefit to these types of images is that this beautiful scenery and natural lighting from the sun just can not be duplicated by a studio set up.

A large family with several generations gather for an outdoor photo in Joyner Park.

Two parents sit outside on a wooden bridge with their one year old boy enjoying the sun light.

Indoor Studio

Photographers who focus mainly on studio pictures, have a physical set up located somewhere. Many have one in their homes, or have a portable studio where they can travel to a clients home. The lighting here is controlled by the photographer, but the space and backgrounds can be limited depending on how extensive the set up actually is.

A small child holds a red balloon while sitting in a photographer's indoor studio.

Lifestyle Photography

If you have heard the term “lifestyle” photography, then you probably already have an idea of what this style refers too. Usually, a photog will spend some time with a family, doing everyday tasks, or whatever they have chosen, and its intention is to create a snapshot of what the family is like. These are unposed images, with raw emotions.

A toddler eats eggs and toast for breakfast during a lifestyle session.

A toddler pulls Dad by the hand to go read his favorite book.

Traditional Portraiture

Traditionally when you hear “portraits” what comes to mind are highly posed images whose main focus is the individual or individuals in the image. The goal of portraits or traditional portraiture is to capture a specific type of image, usually a classic looking at the camera smiling type of pose. Think of senior portraits as a great example here.

A young lady poses on a park bench outside the capital building in Raleigh, NC. A girl with long red hair poses for senior portraits in downtown Raleigh, NC.

Our Specialty

We specialize in natural light portraits with a hint of lifestyle mixed in. Our goal is to give you beautiful stunning images of your family looking fantastic that you would be thrilled to have on a canvas in your home as well as a few in that same setting showing off your family’s personality and sweet interactions.

A father holds son while mom laughs during an outdoor family photo session in the woods at Lake Benson Park.

A teen boy puts his arm around his mom during an outdoor family portrait in Benson. A family poses for outdoor photos next to a stone wall in Joyner Park.

If this sounds like it would be a fit for your family, visit our packages page to book your session now!


Ready to see yourself in our images?
View our packages and checkout online. Easy. Done.


Ready to see yourself in our images? View our packages and checkout online. Easy. Done.


Ready to see yourself in our images? View our packages and checkout online. Easy. Done.

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